Time to take advantage of the opportunity to let us find the right fit for you!

We will collect and screen applications and resumes, perform criminal background checks and conduct drug screening. We also take care of difficult conversations with the employees and allow you the benefit of working our employees for at least 240 hours before going through the expense of adding them to your permanent payroll.


Benefits of working with Temple Temps include:

  • Payroll services for temps and your current employees
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance provided for each employee
  • General Liability Insurance provided for each employee
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Matching Social Security
  • IRS Reports
  • W-2s provided at end of the year; Avoid monthly reports to IRS
  • Cut only 1 check each week


Our employees cover your employees who:

  • Go on vacation
  • Get sick
  • Go on maternity leave
  • Have extended medical leave
  • Have excused military time off
  • Resign or are terminated


Our employees also handle extra work load times during peak seasons.

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